Lapland Activities

Aurora Borealis

On a trip filled with so many magical moments, watching the Aurora Borealis with your loved ones can truly be the cherry on top.

This stunning natural phenomenon lights up an otherwise dark sky with waves of red and green, and occasionally even a splash of pink, yellow, blue, violet, orange, or white weaved in.

Lapland’s proximity to the North Pole is to thank for this incredible display, along with the area’s clean air, and low level of light pollution.

To better your chance of catching the best light show on Earth, make sure to follow NASA or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration online, as both agencies will issue an aurora alert when solar activity is high!

Aurora Borealis in Lapland

Reindeer and Husky Sledding

While in Lapland, you will have the chance to board sleds pulled by Santa’s own reindeer and huskies! Whether it’s to feel like one of the local elves, or purely for the winter aesthetic, this is truly one of the best way to travel in Lapland.

Depending on the holiday package you choose, you may also get to visit the Arctic Husky Farm, the Kopara Reindeer Park, or the Jaakkola Reindeer Farm, where you can feed and learn more about Santa’s wonderful, furry helpers.

Did you know? In Lapland, there are more reindeer than people!

Reindeer and Husky Sledding

Santa Claus Holiday Village

If a part of you has ever wanted to step into a Christmas Card, Santa Claus Village is the place that will answer that wish. Surrounded by pine trees and a blanket of snow, the road outside is lit only by a series of lanterns, and the warm lights emanating from the log cabins in the village.

Once inside the village square, you’ll be greeted by people sledding, twinkling christmas trees, a massive snowman, and possibly a few local reindeer parked by the side! A painted white line cuts through the village which, once crossed, means you have officially entered the Arctic Circle.

Santa Claus Holiday Village

Santa Claus’ Main Post Office

Where better to buy and send your Christmas cards this year than Santa Claus’ very own post office? The Elves that work here will give a special, and collectable, Santa Claus stamp to every letter you drop in, as proof of where you’re sending them from!

Did you know? Eleanor Roosevelt was the first person to ever send a letter from within the Arctic Circle on November 6, 1950. Roosevelt Cottage was later built in front of the post office to commemorate the event.

Santa Claus Main Post Office

Santa Park

In Santa Park giddy elves will guide you through Santa’s home cavern, which is hidden right underneath the Arctic Circle!

Kids are invited to take part in Elf School, grab a snack from Mrs Gingerbread’s Kitchen, take a ride on the Magic Train, wonder at the Christmas Magic Show, and even meet the Ice Princess herself in her stunning Ice Gallery! And to top it all off, you can officially meet Father Christmas! Tell him what you’d like for Christmas and who knows, he may even a few gifts ready to give out a bit early…

Santa Park

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In 1950, Eleanor Roosevelt became the first person to send a letter from within Lapland’s Arctic Circle!

The ratio of reindeer to people in Lapland is 1:1

The original 8 reindeer were Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner & Blitzen.

If you actually got all of the gifts mentioned in the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, you would end up with 364 presents!

Did you know? Both male and female reindeers can grow antlers!

A baby reindeer is called a calf